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The Latest in Comprehensive Drive-thru Solutions

making quick service 

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Explore how the Interface and i3 platform helps QSRs

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Jason St. Croix- Franchisee owner.

“With the i3 Ai solution, integrating my security system and cameras with my POS system allows me to analyze traffic patterns, transaction times & transaction counts. It has given me a better understanding of my throughput at different points of the day and allows me to analyze how my staff is doing and how quickly we turn over each transaction.  This real-time actionable data is a game changer for our business.”

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Drive-thru speed-of-service

Enhanced Speed of Service with i3 Solution

i3's Velocity Timer Solution (VTS) allows operators deeper insight to run a more productive restaurant. Operators can set time for every stage of the customer experience, from placing the order to pick up.

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Track Customer loyalty

Monitor Customer retention

Using i3's Feature recognition engine, you can see how often customers visit your store, their most commonly ordered items, and their average spend.

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Encourage Staff's Positive Behaviour

Gamifying total speed-of-service on your PVM will keep staff actively informed of their performance, encouraging positive behavior from all staff to maximize their output and increase your sales.

" Unit sales increase 1% for every 6 seconds saved at the drive-thru."

What’s more for Restaurant Leaders

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POS Exception Reporting

Combine video with POS transaction data to identify instances of internal theft and customer service issues.

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Cloud Video Management

Enable rapid, secure access to live or recorded video for faster search and seamlessly collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for streamlined investigations.

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Get a PCI-compliant, pre-fabricated network cabinet with inbuilt secure, high-speed connectivity, Wi-Fi, business voice, and 4G LTE wireless backup.

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Video Verified Alarms

Cut down false alarms, improve police response times, and do away with expensive false alarm penalties with video verification of alarm events.

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